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Since the creation of the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, it has become clearer that the
successive government have failed to fulfil its promise for the regional governance by the people
of each region. Groups and individuals have relentlessly agitated for the recognition of each
zones by the Federal Government. They are demanding for constitutional recognition of each six
zones as independent region.
Yoruba people have always been in the forefront of this agitation both at home and in diaspora.
We have been championing the voice for the devolution of powers that would guarantee the
autonomy for each geopolitical zone in Nigeria, especially for the Yoruba to govern itself within
the present geographical location in the country.
Because of the unsustainability of the current unitary structure in Nigeria, the recently concluded
convention of Egbe Omo Yoruba North America has released eight-point resolution under the
theme – Egbe Omo Yoruba North America Demands Restructuring as a Way Forward for the
Development and Progress of the Yoruba People. The second-point resolution stated our position
more clearly as thus, “That restructuring of Nigeria is the only way for the Yoruba to be
identified as a Nation”. This resolution remained a potent symbol of our conviction that if
Yoruba should attain self-rule status among the six geopolitical zones, we are capable of utilizing
the potentials and greatness embedded in our DNA by Olodumare for the improvement of our
The just concluded Yoruba summit in Ibadan is a clear evident that Yoruba will not rest until
restructuring is achieved and, all necessary legislations are put in place to grant constitutional
autonomy to each of the six geopolitical zones, as well as for the government of Nigeria to
practice a true Federalism.
Because of the relationship between the organizers of the summit, Egbe, through its National
President, actively participated in the conversation leading to the success of the summit. The
position of Egbe was formally presented.
We are using this opportunity to restate our commitment to the restructuring of Nigeria and, also
declare our unwavering support to most of the sixteen-point resolution in the communique
released by the Yoruba summit held in Ibadan in September 7, 2017.
We will continue to advocate for the restructuring of Nigeria and coalesce all the Yoruba citizen
in diaspora behind the efforts to bring it to a reality in our time if we are accorded the right to
fully participate by taking our unique position and past efforts into consideration.
When it is a fact that Yoruba have been leading the aspiration to restructure Nigeria for a long
time, it is not out of place to have other regions in solidarity with us. Ibadan declaration should
be purely Yoruba affairs in the first instance, this is the time to have our house in order before
stretching our hands of solidarity across to other regions. “Once bitten twice shy”. E je ka ronu.
We have always been talking with no visible action. We should not just “talk the walk” we
should ‘walk the talk’, This is the best time to prepare for the storm ahead; put a structure
(representative from major Yoruba groups) in place to refine the tenets of the Ibadan
Declaration, continue to educate and mobilize our people on the imperativeness and the possible
‘contours’ to prepare for on this course of Restructuring and others, identify and mobilize for
essential resources- time, finance, and international understanding.
O ti see se. Oodua a gbe wa o
Thank you.

Hon. Samuel Aderemi Hon. Bishop Adejube
National General Secretary National Secretary of Publicity

Dr. Durojaye Odimayo Akindutire
National President

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