Banky W Will Forever Remain My Boss — Skales

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skales-stargistIn a recent  interview with, Skales opens up on all the exclusive details to expect from the album as well as his achievements at 25.

Nigerian singer Skales, born Raoul John Njeng-Njeng recently acquired a mansion in Lagos, and feels extremely grateful for the life he has lived. “I’m grateful for life, I’m grateful for progress and success, I’m also grateful for how far I’ve come in the music industry.

I came from nothing, knowing nobody, to being who I am, and being like a source of influence to many others.” He said.

Ever since Skales arrived Lagos 6 years ago, his career has grown widely, from signing a record deal with Banky W’s E.M.E to dropping his debut album, “Man of The Year” in 2015 under Baseline records.

Let’s start with your birthday, how does it feel been 25?

It feels good, it feels great. Still a work in progress, we still working on a lot of stuff but overall it feels good definitely.

So, at 25 what would you say you have achieved?

I’ll say I have probably achieved a lot from my career to life in general. Where I was 6 to 7 years ago when I first came to Lagos is not where I am today. So I would say I have had quite a number of achievements.

Can you let us in on some of these achievements?

Where my music is right now, making all these hits and having one of the best album in the country. Having a great team and been able to take care of my family and lots more. These are just some of the achievements.

Let’s go back to your days in E.M.E, when you were with the Team there, things were kind of slow but since you broke off and decided to start afresh, your career experienced a major boost. How were you able to achieve this?

I’ll pretty much put it this way that I took charge of my career. I made my own decisions and had a team that was willing to back me up. Their focus was just to make sure that the brand gets higher. That’s pretty much it.

At 25, what’s next for Skales?

More work, life just started for me. More dreams to bring to reality, more things to achieve, more bars to raise.

Your next project?

That would be my album and a tour that would be bigger than anything I have ever done before. I just dropped a new single by the way, it’s called “I Want You”, it was produced by Ghana’s DJ Breezy. “I Want You” is the first official single off the album. I already have a long list of people I am featuring on the album and I hope some of them make it though.

You recently spoke about working with former label mate, Wizkid. Is that in the works?

Yeah, but I meant if we get to work fine. Everyone is just kind of busy and doing their thing. So I am focusing on sitting in the studio and doing my thing.

Do you still keep a cordial relationship with Wizkid and your former record label?

Yes, I am cool with everybody

How do you see Banky W now as away from his Label?

He is my big brother; he is going to be my boss forever. He basically gave me a platform when no one else offered so he is going to become my big brother forever.

And you’ve worked with him after you left E.M.E?

Yes, I have. We have the track out already

You are signed to Baseline Records and you have your own imprint called OHK, how do you separate both?

Baseline is the label I have a contract with. I am signed to Baseline alongside my other colleagues. OHK is my personal label which I set up to support upcoming talents in the industry.

Your imprint OHK has got an artist signed onto it, what’s new with the artist?

Yeah, we working on a lot. We have DJ Spicey for now and he dropped a single and its video titled “Fashi” which he featured me and it’s doing good out there. He just dropped a new single too. He might drop an EP too. We just doing a lot of stuff.

If there is one person you won’t like to work with in the industry, who would it be?

Wow! That would be Vic-O


It’s a joke, but I like his boldness and courage. I can work with anyone; I don’t think there is anyone I can’t work with in the industry.

At 25, we should be expecting to hear about Skales and a Girlfriend right?

At 25? That’s very young. That’s premature. For now, I am more focus on achieving my dreams and making more good music.

If you say at 25 it’s premature for you to engage in a relationship, what about those within the age bracket who have had 1 or 2 kids?

I don’t know about that. For me I think it’s still pretty young for me. I’ll say I’ve been lucky not to have one. But at the same I’ll say I am smart for not having one but let’s see what the future holds.

So what measures or tactics have you used to stay away from been a baby father?

How I do it I don’t know, the ladies are always there. I love women but I’ll say God and protection has kept me safe of the drama.

What’s the message in your new single?

Basically, a couple of weeks ago I was in Ghana for the Pan-Africa Media Tour where I worked with a lot of artistes and producers from Ghana. My favourite happened to be DJ Breezy. We worked on a lot of stuff together but I fell in love with “I Want You” and I decided to release it. The sound is in vogue now and I wanted to try something new.

Why the Idea of “I want you” as a love song fused on a trendy sound?

Well, like I said earlier, I love girls. We were in the studio trying to do some work and when I heard the beat, I was just caught up on the fact that I was thinking about women at that point so I decided to do it and I didn’t want it to be about 1 girl in particular so I decided to widen the scope.

How long did it take you to produce the track?

I think it was less than an hour. It didn’t take us about an hour. I record a lot of songs at the same time

Do you have a title for the album yet?

Yes, I do have a title but I can’t reveal that out yet because everything is still on and a probability. Anything can happen. For now, the name I have is just a guideline on how the album would be

How many tracks would the album have?

I’m considering nothing less than 15 tracks

How many singles would you be letting out before the album?

I really can’t say, I might let out 4, I might let out 5. I can’t decide that now

Who and Who have you worked with on the album?

I have worked with Timaya, Banky W, I am looking forward to work with Burna Boy on a track. This whole album, I just want it to be like a chemistry relationship kind of thing. I want it to be an album of how I see people. Someone like Burna Boy, I keep saying it that he is my favourite artiste. I see Banky W as someone that has impacted in life in plenty very good ways. Same for Timaya, he is like a mentor, a friend, a brother and someone who has impacted and help shapen my life and career just as Banky. So that’s it about the album.

Do you know what track is coming out next?

I don’t know, I really can’t say because we recorded a lot of tracks. Currently we have recorded over 70 tracks for the album.


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