Enters Judas! How Ibadan Billionaire, Kola Karim Betrays Deziani , Brother And Biz Partners To Rise To The Top (how he lands in Buhari’s bad book)

Kola Karim
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Hosa Okunbo

It’s a chronicle of betrayals…an endless desire to get to the top not minding who got crushed that had set Ibadan billionaire, Kola Karim aside from his associates and contemporaries. Infact, all those that had come across him claimed he has perfected the ways of Judas to operate in the modern world…to them, Kola’s kiss is poisonous, a venomous act that kills with speed.

Those who know him many years ago as a commodity hustler in the United Kingdom were surprised when he started living flamboyantly, acquiring properties in choice areas. Little did they know that the tailor had hit a fortune! Kola’s dalliance with Deziani Maduekwe which later became a full blown affair has pitched him on higher ground. With Deziani as the Minister for Petroleum, Kola became a god, sealing deals, flying private jets and throwing classy shin digs as he became the official representative of the Oil Minister, holding the magic wand that could transform a common pauper to an instant billionaire.

Kola Karim

Kola had a good time, what many didn’t know was that he was more powerful than Deziani’s other associates, Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko. Kola Karim was the other Kola in the background, the darling of Ms Maduekwe.

The 2015 election came and power changed hands, men of the moment became men of yesterday. The powerful Deziani ran into troubled waters with the new government, efforts to reach the no-nonsense President, Muhammadu Buhari was futile, with nowhere to hide, Deziani scampered to the United Kingdom.

The government beamed its searchlight on her associates, Jide Omokore and Kola Aluko became regular visitors of the EFCC…what of Kola Karim? many asked. Unknown to may, the Shoreline Managing Director had struck a deal with the government and revealed all he knew about the many atrocities committed during the Jonathan’s regime. He did this to escape investigation and operated freely, even enjoying the patronage of the Buhari/Osinbajo government as his company maintains the oil pipelines.

But just like a man chased by his nemesis, he quietly played a bet and dashed the PDP presidential candidate a huge amount of money, the donation became public knowledge and what would have been the usual act became his albatross and he started running helter skelter, disclaiming his donation and pleading his innocence.
Kola’s betrayal was not only to his friends and associates, his family also suffer the same dosage of his act. Many pointed accusing fingers at him when his younger brother, Ayo Karim the Managing Director of Costain needed him to get the ticket of the APC to contest for the Governor of Oyo State.

It was alleged that Kola didn’t only starve him of funds, he secretly sent a message to those who could help his brother not to give him their support and ended Ayo’s effort and dream to rule Oyo State.

The latest is his fight with billionaire, Captian Hosa Okunbor. The Chairman of Ocean and Marine is crying wolf as he alleged Kola was trying to edge him out of a pipeline deal he introduced him to.

The Edo born billionaire is not folding his arms as he threatened to teach Kola a lesson on loyalty.

A source revealed that the EFCC has been directed to look into Kola’s books and from all indications the billionaire is in for a bad time.

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