I’ve Got A Big Arse…No Big Deal! -Halima Abubakar

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The story of Kogi indigene but born and raised in Kano, Northern Nigeria, Halima Abubakar, comes in several folds-some of which many would expect her to regret-but alas, the daring make-believe star, who decided to shave her hair to support the battle against cancer, has little or no regrets. Trying to get to her to respond to some of the questions asked was harder than getting a thread through the needle’s eye. However, she spoke to Movie Moments on her recent endeavours, relationship and her family’s acceptance of her movie career.

Who really is Halima Abubakar?

I’m Halima Abubakar and I am from Kogi state, Nigeria. I act as well as farm for a living! I’m cool, I am a down to earth girl and well grounded too.
What has been going on in your career and life in recent time?
Regular things, work, stress, life! Same thing my brother as usual but we thank God almighty for His mercies and grace.

You seem to be having a good share of prominence in Nollywood, how do you feel and did you envisage this when you began?

It’s only natural after 10years, haba (laughs). No, seriously, I’m kidding, (shrugs) I would say it’s patience, endurance and faith that has been leading me that is all. I would also say it was time and when it is time my brother then, it is time.

How did you break through?

Breaking through Nollywood was like passing through a needle! It was very difficult and stressful, but I knew where I was heading. I just kept telling myself to be focused and push harder. I met a lot of distractions along the way but I called them lessons and hopefully will be able to differentiate what is real and what is not.

Any regrets so far for Halima?

No more regrets. I’ve passed that level of regret now. I don’t regret nothing anymore, because the experiences are the normal stress we all go through to get better in what we do. Life is too short for regrets.

Why the decision to shave your hair?

I am supporting the courageous and laudable fight against cancer and I’ve joined forces with the fight cancer movement. Like I said, I’m just contributing the little that I can, it’s a selfless deed.
It is believed in some quarters that it’s just a move to shine and follow the precedence set by some of your colleagues for a movie role. How true is this?
This is not for a movie my dear, this huge subject is funny though but yes people must talk, so I won’t fight it, I am learning and growing everyday and with every experience. Like I said, I’m trying to give back in a different form.

The town is agog with the tale of your battle with cancer, can you share the details with us?
No, there isn’t anything to share but I would state categorically here that I don’t have any kind of disease. This for me is just a charitable initiative that I’m supporting. But come to think of it, people are funny (laughs).

Would it be correct to say you have added few more pounds and are you looking at shedding it soon?
Wow, so you noticed? Yes, I have but it’s not like I was slim before now. I don’t get it, I’ve got big ass and I’m small, not a big deal. I love my curves, I have to anyways and I’m healthy and happy. The extra fat will go biko(please).

How supportive are your parents of your high flying career knowing fully well that you grew up in the North?
My family love what I do now, they trust me so I’m grateful. I was hiding before because I know they won’t support me but the years of begging them to let me do what I love doing and seeing me doing well paid off (chuckles) No mind me..I really wanted their blessings, so I am grateful they eventually did.

You have been romantically linked with several men, who is the man that is currently occupying your heart?
I have had this same man for 2years now, so any other one that you must have concocted or read about is cooked up. I have no desire for such lifestyle, no disrespect! I know you will soon ask about marriage now, I’m used to these questions.

You keep looking good and ravishing daily, who is the man behind the smiles and joy?
I look good simply because I’m at peace and content with what the good Lord has done and been doing in my life. For me, I can’t buy that.

When are you looking at tying the nuptial knot?
(laughs) I said it and knew it, you must ask questions bothering on marriage please change your ways, kai, change biko! I’ve got to run now, God bless you

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